"The violins Paul makes are different and personal.  The sound of each one is unique to the wood used.  Each has its own voice and speaks to the performer and listener. I enjoyed playing your latest creation. It played so easily."

Leora Kline

Master of Music, Eastman School of Music

1st. Violin,  Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

"It's a beautifully crafted instrument that I will hold dear my entire life. The level of detail and consideration put into the woodwork is incredible. And somehow it sounds just as wonderful as it looks."

Zach Inscho

As a young boy I took violin lessons from Paul Henry, which was a great honor and experience, but what is truly a blessing is to be able to play instruments made by him. In 2007 I got my first fiddle made by Paul. Made of maple, walnut and cherry, he called it the Ice Cream Fiddle. The back of this fiddles was made of three different woods and the grain on the top tells a story all its own. It's hard to comprehend its beauty in a mere glance. I've made all kinds of memories playing this fiddle from playing the music for my high school graduation, to playing for weddings, to playing for church and even playing it now in the Carthage College Philharmonic Orchestra and other regional professional groups. Paul's fiddles are of unmatched quality and sound beautiful. They are special and unique just like the man himself.

                                                                                                                      Jeremy Sill


The Ice Cream Fiddles