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My Story

Discover the heart and song of an extraordinary instrument.  

Over the last twenty years I've endeavored to find and understand stories and wood from all sorts of different sources including animals, old buildings, snow storms and political campaigns.  Then  those stories come to form in wooden instruments.

I've put together over sixty projects using all kinds of wood from all sorts of sources to build fiddles, guitars, violas and cellos. Some examples are recounted on this website. If you are interested in a truly unique instrument I will build one for you. Tell me your story and I will make it sing.

We'll start by discussing the woods, style and details that are important to you and we'll go from there. I'll send pictures and updates through the entire building process.  

It takes about six months and the price is 4950.

Paul Henry

Gerstner Master Woodworker


(937) 307 6725

Spring Valley, Ohio